Small secrets for a flawless makeup

All of us want to be beautiful. We try a lot and spend hours of preparation and painting. But many times our escape but small details make the difference. Here are some tricks that can be remembered and achieve flawless makeup.
1. You can convert your pencils in passing the gel eyeliner literally for one second through the flame of a lighter. Wait for 15 seconds and spend your eyelid. The pencil is very soft and will not be hard at all.
Small secrets for a flawless makeup (5)
2. Spend your eyelid with a white pencil to make any shadow appear iridescent.
3. Use a spoon to draw straight line eyeliner. Then use the same spoon as a counter when you pass the mascara.
Small secrets for a flawless makeup (1)
4. Create very easily a smokey eye look forming a hashtag on the lid with a brown or black pencil. Then, apply it with a brush or your finger over the surface of the eyelid.
Small secrets for a flawless makeup (3)
5. Mix one shade in the color of your choice with a little Vaseline and make your own lip balm.
6. Give an extra dimension to any nail polish, first passing your nails with a white.
Small secrets for a flawless makeup (4)
7. If tweezers are not fixed to your hair, place it in a towel and spray with hairspray.
8. Make your own scrub for lips by mixing brown sugar with a little olive oil.
9. After showering, dry your hair with a T- shirt instead of a towel. You will avoid frizz created by harsh fiber towel.
Small secrets for a flawless makeup (2)
10. If you wake up in the morning with a big pimple on his chin, spread over a little yoghurt. Probiotics containing it clear point by fighting bacteria.
Follow precisely the instructions above and refine the look you obtaining a flawless makeup.

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Posted by bcolcom on November 7, 2014