Ombre nails

Ombre began as the ultimate hair trend in 2012 and became a big hit. It is the trend that wants to have several shades of the same color in your hair, but in a uniform manner. After the hair, which has been tested and passed the test successfully, ombre ‘invaded’ in other areas. We see it in fashion, clothes, decoration and even our nails. And we love it because it allows us to ‘play’ with colors, without having an eccentric or incongruous results.
Let’s be inspired by the ombre nails trend and how it is applied.
ombre nails 1
Before seeing some trends plans for this year, check the simplest way to achieve the perfect ombre on your own. Choose three nail polishes in a similar shade, paint your nails with the base color you have and paint a sponge with three colors. Rub it on the nail with horizontal directions and get the most stylish manicure!
ombre nails 6
In exactly the same way, make a super ombre manicure with purple varnish. Purple is one of the hot colors this season and gives the necessary wintry touch to your style. If the pad let ‘signs’ outside flange cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover and clean it.
ombre nails 3
An alternative and easy suggestion is to do ombre in hand and not on the same nail. Get five different coatings of the same color, from lighter to darker, and paint your nails.
ombre nails 4
Use ombre nails through contrasts. If you can choose the same color, ‘play’ with white, black and gray. It is probably the most impressive manicure.
ombre nails 5
Enjoy the brighter and happy side of ombre. Neon shades of pink, yellow and pink will be amazing for summer manicure.

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Posted by bcolcom on December 3, 2014