Adopted corduroy style

The corduroy fabric is very winter and this year seems to have become a trend again. It was the ultimate trend in the 70s, returned in the 90s and spent several years to be considered a fabric that can be worn everyday and ‘shouting’ style. The fact is that if you put a corduroy pants that does not fit you, it can make you forget the idea of the retry. Time to said fabric or start to prefer through this year’s trends.


This outfit is very young and girlish, and we can think of no better outfit than a day school or a simple all day appearance. The polka dot shirt and hat make the result even more interesting.


The psilomesi camel skirt corduroy fabric will become your favorite long match shirts, t-shirts, sweaters (cordage) and turtleneck. A piece Passepartout for all winter highlighting femininity without losing the bright chic element. The oxfords and loafers are the perfect ‘match’ them.


If you want a pair, chose a psilomeso for 90s style and combine it with simple items, such as denim shirt or a simple t-shirt. An ideal combination of all stylish vintage, are these pants with purple or burgundy velvet jacket.


If you are to get back to the 70s, do it in style. Trousers bells are so hot right now especially when you are in this lovely purple hue and combined with a thick sweater.


If not in excites the idea of like corduroy style , has invested at least a garment that is classic. The jacket. The blazers in 80s style is chic and fashionable and match your clothes more. If you want something more safe, opted for a gray or brown. If you want to be more fashion forward, purple, burgundy or dark green is for you.

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Posted by bcolcom on January 12, 2015