balloons in your decoration

The balls is the hallmark of parties, receptions and general events such as birthdays and your celebration. And because logically, more and something occurs and we want to have snacks at home to inflate, see how to do it in a more specific way to think about the possibility to adopt them as a stable decoration but also how to use the balloons to build and other decorations.


Assuming that you want to do a dinner party for you and your friends and you must create a happier and glam atmosphere, we will succeed with white balloons and plenty of glitter will stick after the rise. Hang over the table or scattered in the living room.


If you manage to make a flower entirely balls , you will want to have all the time in your home and to renew (when pops ). Puff five balloons in pink and Tie the ends together, then inflated two yellow half size to appear in front of only one.


Before starting to inflate, put into confetti in different colors and Cuff the edges off white ribbon will lean on the kitchen table. Perfect for making your disposal every morning when you wake up.


We have said that certain materials help to make something else. So with the balloon do this. The inflating properly and tie around in every direction plexiglas, string or something similar and just have given shape and have solder well, we break the balloon with a needle that only left the outer material. So create a beautiful ornament for your table.


We are thrilled that idea because it combines the mood of the party with the elegance of a minimal space. Search to find balloons in pastel or white accents and Make small or medium sizes.

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Posted by bcolcom on January 11, 2015