Create your own gift wrap for Valentines day 15 ideas

In addition to buy a nice gift for your other half, and more specifically for the celebration of the Valentine’s day, the more important it is to give something that is handmade (either content or wrapper) to show the thought and the time it took  to prepare it.

Even if you buy a gift for your significant other, spent a little time to create your own gift wrap for Valentines day. Just choose an idea from those we recommend in the list below and your gift will definitely be a lot more appreciated.

Valentine’s Day means nothing without the right gift for the loved one. But the gift alone is not enough this time. It has to be wrapped beautifully.


Brown paper always works as good base to add whatever you like from above. In this case, wrap a red paper around the gift firth and then add the brown parer as a second layer.  Cut out the brown paper to create a small heart and two letters that will pop and reveal the red paper below!

If you want to make a gift, but want something more simple and ‘strict’ (because you like that style), wrap a box with a black ribbon shaped bow and hung a tag which will write whatever you want.

You will need plain white paper wrapping and a bow in pastel hue. Except you do with … your kisses on the gift wearing many different lipstick. It is literally a personal gift.

But the roll of toilet paper is packaging for small gifts of any kind. We take the roll, press it to open and widen even further and gather enough sides inwards. Make small hearts with red paint and put into what you want from one side. Closed in the same way.

And because the gesture counts, rather than the gift itself, take small paper bags, stuck white paper that looks like it has lace details and write whatever else you want, such as one love words. Perfect idea for many small gifts for the day.

Easy DIY Valentine’s day gift wrap idea with brown paper, a piece of newspaper and a felt heart.


A quick and easy-to-use wrapping idea for gifts that come from the heart!

Valentine’s day simple gift wrap idea.

Elegant gift wrap idea you totally DIY.

DIY: Simple Valentine’s Day Gift Wrapping

Simple and adorable, this Valentine’s Day Gift Idea is perfect for all of the valentines on your list! Plus, some of my favorite packaging items!


Valentine’s Day felt gift bag craft for children

Fast & Easy Valentine Holder
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