How do we choose the right blush

One of the main products in the field of beauty is the rouge . Along with the mascara and concealer, is what you need to go out ready without being intensely stained but showing fresh and bright. As many of us forget to put a little rouge in winter, showing pale or sick. Therefore we should not forget and never to see the ways in which we put it right when choosing the perfect shade for you. If you do it right, you need not exaggerated lips or smokey eye make up.

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The most famous classic shades for the skin is open, middle and dark. Get ideas for what the rouge you choose. If you have open skin, light pink, light coral pink and apricot are what should be in your vanity. For medium skin, dark pink, ‘hot’ dark purple and peach are perfect colors while the darker have dark fuchsia, hot coffee and orange.

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Posted by bcolcom on January 25, 2015