Ideas to put a curtain in the kitchen

The curtain that you put in your house varies greatly from room to room. Other style you choose for the bedroom which is your most personal space, another for the living room where we welcome the world, another for the bathroom (which is different fabric) and another for the kitchen depending on the window that has the room. The most important thing is the curtains to match the aesthetics of the area and highlight it. And if you’re a fan of minimal, you should be careful in what you choose.

idees -gia-na-valis-kourtina-stin-kouzina

The Grey is one of the most neutral colors that are perfect for the winter especially. If we talk about window over the sink, then you can put the smallest and the most frequently changed for variety. The white designs reminiscent of snowflakes and make your space to look very cozy.

idees -gia-na-valis-kourtina-stin-kouzina1

We think that the first style curtain you think when you hear cuisine is classic and traditional plaid. It refers to the family country style and usually match any color you have in the kitchen. If you want to be very discreet, choose the smallest diamonds.

idees -gia-na-valis-kourtina-stin-kouzina2

If you have a normal glass door, you can create stunning effect. Because catching enough space in the kitchen, he preferred something in nude or earth for being sure that it will fit in any case.

idees -gia-na-valis-kourtina-stin-kouzina4

The canvas is a fabric mat that fits any space giving the feeling of paliakou. The brown color do not be so intense and shows perfect choice during the winter.

idees -gia-na-valis-kourtina-stin-kouzina3

The lace detail as fit even in decorative when done in moderation. The finish mat acquires a different style and make the result a bit more elegant.

idees -gia-na-valis-kourtina-stin-kouzina5

The white transparent curtain allows daylight to get in and is almost invisible. If you add a few lights, you’re the most romantic image that can accompany your dinner.

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Decor | January 11, 2015

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