Make your own changes in glasses

You certainly have many utensils that remain unused in a cupboard from wedding gifts or spontaneous markets thus make use of specific utensils like them more. Now you can take everything you have on your shelves and color to give them and plan you want very easily. You need only mood changes. Inspiration I’ll give it us through our proposals.


He searched for paint specific for glasses and plunged their base in black. Once dry very well, you can write on anything you like eg the names of family members.


Give a special touch to the glasses of champagne. You will need paper strip with color and a little glitter to build two horizontal and three or four vertical stripes.


You will find commercially special double paper adhesives patterned to what you can imagine where wrapped around the glass , remove one and filled with special white cream gaps to be left in the photo on the glass shape.


Who said that Finger is just for kids? Now you can play and you having and benefit. Take small baggy glasses for water or whiskey and turned them upside down. series paints with all colors and leave your imprint on the glasses by putting only the same color, making two-tone or color blocking (green-blue, yellow-purple, pink-red).


A gold pen is enough to create the most beautiful holiday glasses . Make several small dots creating vertical lines or write one or joyful festive word.


If you have a talent for drawing or painting, relief in glasses , but with good reason. Supplied with special markers and Create your own lights in various colors. Only in this way will not leave after the holidays.

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Posted by bcolcom on January 29, 2015