Put on your purple makeup

The purple color, along with Burgundy, are the top choices for this year in fashion and beauty. And of course referring to winter clothes and products that show our most beautiful and ‘mysterious’. The purple is not only ideal for eye shadows, but every tool of makeup that you can think of. Let’s solve your queries to be painted in the most stylish way to fit you.

vale- mov-sto-makigiaz-sou1

Dark purple for fantastic smokey eye. What you need to do is mix it with black shadow to be a strong effect but have a little color. We want to be purple frame (top and bottom) and fill the inside with black shadow.

vale- mov-sto-makigiaz-sou2

The purple eyeliner is perfect because it replaces the black giving a more soft result not ‘harden’ the look. Add a little golden or dark brown eye shadow on the lid and you’re ready.

vale- mov-sto-makigiaz-sou

You know that purple lips is one of the most basic beauty proposals for this winter. Choose the shade that suits you because you will find from lilac to dark purple approaching black. Aubergine is this interim proposal refers to red and is as sexy need.

vale- mov-sto-makigiaz-sou4

We hear that the mascara is the most basic product to be put even if we completely unpainted. Truth is, but let’s not limit ourselves only in black color. The blue, green and talked purple is much more interesting and give you a ‘playful’ look.

vale- mov-sto-makigiaz-sou3

This is the ultimate purple effect. Hair is eccentric trend many girls adopt. The purple makeup must be done carefully to avoid excessive. Firstly, stressed your eyebrows for intense gaze and, from there, all you’ll need is lilac blush and a very pale or very dark lipstick.

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Posted by bcolcom on January 11, 2015