Refreshed your skin after the holidays

During the holiday , the ‘throw out’ with plenty of eating, drinking, clubbing and what everyone feels fun. And while we go perfectly this time, after feeling heavy as much food and as we do not have the same feeling of euphoria and ‘health’ as before. Instead of doing a detox drinks or forgo everything rejoiced, followed a few simple tips that will relax and will renew and how you feel and how you look.


Make a gift to yourself for the new year and let go the pleasure you give services of spa. You can find many offers for facial and body massage and cleaning. Except that will eliminate all the toxins and weights, you will feel much lighter and relaxed after.


If you do not have time for spa, or do not want to spend money, do you only the simplest facial masks with natural products. Do the same for your body dedicating a whole day to yourself alone.


Through the day we just mentioned, do a magnificent swimming season with scented candles and put various essential oils. Apart from the face, equally important role plays and the skin of our body.


There is no reason to be deprived of your favorite foods and sweets, or do any kind of ‘detoxifying’ to come back. However, an ‘brave’ daily dose of fruits and vegetables is what you need to maintain a beautiful and glowing skin . And do good to your metabolism.


The only thing you need to be strict, is the amount of makeup. If possible, let it completely clean for a week to ‘breathe’ completely. If you absolutely must be painted because of work or other obligations, stay in absolutely essential not to weigh both the skin . Mascara, lip gloss or balm and a little concealer for dark circles.

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Beauty | January 25, 2015

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