Replace the black eyeliner with color

The black eyeliner is the product you use to make the most famous cat eye line. Sometimes replacing the black pencil eyeliner is why the most fluid and with the special brush made from very thin to very thick line. We have love for the accuracy gives us but it’s time to see our other options given by make up artists. Forget for a moment the black and find eyeliner with paint or wet shadows that can achieve the same effect.

antikatastise-mavro-eyeliner- chroma

The thin black line on the eyeliner creates a good base to add extra color, making the result even more impressive. The blue metallic shade like line above the black makes it look even more intense and gives color to makeup. You can not do all the black line to indicate more discreet.

antikatastise-mavro-eyeliner- chroma3

Create a triangle in the corner of his eye with blue metallic shade. Be sure to be more intense color above and softest down. The only extra that you need enough mascara.

antikatastise-mavro-eyeliner- chroma1

See how much bigger and more sexy can show the eye when soft smokey eye make up and neon green shadow cat eye line and a little inside.

antikatastise-mavro-eyeliner- chroma2

In addition to color, makeup go one step further and do ombre in line in the upper eyelid. In what way? Always start from the inside of the eyelid with white liquid shadow, we continue to open light blue and dark blue are completing. When you finish one go traffic mixing with the next to come out uniform makeup.

antikatastise-mavro-eyeliner- chroma4

Do not be afraid the color in your eyes. Rather than put a normal shadow, be the normal line with black eyeliner (or no if you want) and you made another one with pink shadow or pencil. And of course do the same lips for natural look.

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Beauty | January 25, 2015

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