Small details for festive table Valentines day

In addition to the delicious recipes to prepare for your favorite, must give equal attention to the correct decoration table . No need to buy an expensive tablecloth or candlesticks. The point is to put your imagination to ‘work’ and make these small movements that will show off the dishes you prepare will decorate the table and show that taking the time to organize a nice night. Let’s see the little details … you will definitely make a difference.


A brilliant idea that probably had not thought until now. Get great white towel and wrap it as you see to be like open file. Put into a small card St. Valentine and stuck a small heart with rhinestones from outside.


Get the basics lunch cutlery (fork, spoon knife and unite them with brown thin ribbon or string and a beautiful red rose.


Sometimes you do not need to make a big gesture to show how much you care. Take a few letters from the familiar desktop Scrabble and do-phrase to represent you. Put them between two plates to see it immediately.


Do not put so bluntly the candles in table . This time do something more special with open boxes of pink paper where you have open holes on all sides of the heart shape.


When will you serve dessert, do not bring the spoon simple. Swamp on a large wrapped towels and tie the string or with a red satin ribbon. There is something special, but it is a beautiful and meticulous detail.


Put several flowers instead put a large vase with bouquet. This will give more vibrancy and color to your table.


If you want to be well organized and you will give an unforgettable night, printed the menu you prepared to know what awaits him.

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Posted by bcolcom on January 25, 2015