The best shades of purple hair

The fact that most oddball colors hair is fashion, we already understand. There are several classifications in each color to choose one that suits you most. If you are afraid to dare the lighter that is greater risk, preferred the dark purple that brings in aubergine and will not be as frightening change. In any case, we will show you a short color and you choose the best for you. Always asking your hairdresser.

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The purple color is very light and especially prefer women at an earlier age where the risk is smaller and not think they will have problems in their work. However, it is very impressive especially if you have long straight hair .

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Let the dark shades that are more ‘sweet’ and suit all skin types. It is equally bold but advantageous because after several washes, will open more.

kaliteres-apochrosis -tou-mov-sta-mallia

Open aubergine. One more winter color to suit any complexion and bright. Makes great contrast with dark red lipstick.

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Let your natural root to indicate the wool more natural and dyed dark purple the rest and let them ‘descend ‘course. The darker, the better.

kaliteres-apochrosis -tou-mov-sta-mallia5

Choose a paint that has many shades inside that looks more highlights. It is nice to have and darker shades and very bright.

kaliteres-apochrosis -tou-mov-sta-mallia4

It is the most interesting option that you can do because it refers to ombre style where you start with very dark purple that is close to your natural, continues with something softer and endings in platinum or white. Suitable for long enough rich hair .

kaliteres-apochrosis -tou-mov-sta-mallia6

We love it because it’s pastel lilac and reminds the baby pink that all choose the makeup and dressing. This hairstyle that includes French braids and flowers is very romantic and very feminine.

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Beauty | January 25, 2015

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