the black in your bridal bouquet

The bridal bouquet changes depending on the season and fashion trends. The famous white composition remains unchanged, but you are given a bunch of other options among flowers and colors. And while always dealing with pink, yellow, each pastel shade and the more winter like dark blue or purple, black ignore completely. Not necessarily talking about one bridal bouquet in total black, but details that make the result more elegant, as is the favorite black and white or multiple colors together to the black look more elegant and fitting.


Can you resist a bridal composition has large white flowers such as tulips are inside black or just add a little at a smaller size;


A perfect winter style is to ‘marry’ (except you) many dark shades that are cozy and fully represent the modern world. If you plan to get married now, combined dark purple, black and natural burgundy. Performs a perfect contrast with the white wedding dress.


We assume that will definitely change your mind a total black bridal bouquet consisting of flowers in this color but additionally has feathers and wings. It is perhaps one of the most stylish proposals we’ve seen for marriage.


The wedding fashion goes a step beyond the institution and you propose to keep a large bridal bouquet from black and white candy (plastic of course) wrapped with black satin bow and having thin sticks so you can hold it.


If you want to have the bridal bouquet your epitome of elegant, must invest in a bouquet consisting of pearls instead of flowers and put black tulle ribbon. White with black combined as needed and make you want to keep them at home as decorative.

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Posted by bcolcom on January 29, 2015