The most beautiful coat for the winter bride

The Coat you need it in the morning when you leave for work, in the evening you go out with your girlfriends and shopping for the super market. Where you have not yet figured that would need it is like Bride in your winter wedding. Because it is nice to wear the most stylish and beautiful dress, but if you do the unexpected cold, you need the most valuable accessory of the season so as not to get sick (day yes). We will show you the most stylish ways.


It is the only Coat that has the same line and style with the dress. Reminds Hood in white version but is what most impressive we have seen is just the climate occurred. Loose collar protects you from the cold.


Do not underestimate the long white coat you. As well as being timeless and will never come out of fashion, is the simplest classic choice you can do for your wedding without entering into new costs.


It is not a bad idea in black coat to any length and style. With this color, gave the minimal black and white that is most fitting this season compared to the summer. Invested in a bouquet that will move in the same colors for the most fashionable effect.


The girls love the glamorous style, will definitely love a white coat with precious stones in gold shades that give extra glam to the whole. A garment that seems to have made on that day.


Make a difference a little color and forget white. A long or short coat in red velvet is trendy touch that will give the outfit and is quite symbolic. And it gives you and confident. The simple bouquet in green with some purple flowers are so frugal as needed.

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Posted by bcolcom on January 25, 2015