The most snowy street style Part I

We found the snow and we walked though officially the heart of winter. And what we think is usually all that is possible to be able to endure the cold and remain stylish. Once should be clothed ‘like onions’, can not be put nice winter outfits. We are here to make revisions to and see the ways in which we face with courage the snow and look great.

pio- chionismeno-street-style-meros

First of all, in that dress “onion-like”, is what the fashion language called layering. Can you put your office outfit (pants with shirt) and launch the ‘layers’. Camel jacket, tweed coat and large furry tights. Loose cap gives you more points.

pio- chionismeno-street-style-meros4

The Girls of Fashion Weeks are the best examples for us to get ideas from the master of the genre. The most basic pieces are suede boots, coat of fur or classic with fur collar and hat to protect you.

pio- chionismeno-street-style-meros1

Let’s look at the more casual style preferred by most when you have to move around all day in comfort while having so much cold. Black leggings or skinny jeans, flat fur boots, long t-shirt with a sweater, bomber jacket or leather and the necessary accessories to the cold: gloves, scarf and cap.

pio- chionismeno-street-style-meros3

The colors are on our side this year and urge us to combine in a single garment like coat. Start from the most light, as is the total black with a long coat of fur or sheepskin with many colors. This gives life to your image but also at your disposal. And not only suited to very young girls as you might mistakenly believe.

pio- chionismeno-street-style-meros2

It is probably the most fashionable total black outfit we’ve seen so far. Plain black pants, boots and long palto- gabardine. The details that make the difference is the gold metallic, leather gloves, fedora hat and baggy pashmina.

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Posted by bcolcom on January 11, 2015