The weirdest shoes that you will put on

boots, ballerinas, pumps, sneakers and oxfords are the most classic shoes you choose in your everyday life because they know and trust them. But there are some models of the above categories or others who are more ‘special’, worn by a few women and are more daring. We suggest you take a look why -Where do you know? – Can find something to inspire and want to wear it with fury. Or do some gift to your friend.

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The two stories sneakers have made comeback after the 90s and is a combination of sporty with the most sexy. If for example not wearing shoes or heels, you can choose these shoes and put them with feminine manner such as short skater skirt and a thin translucent shirt with special collar.

ta -pio-perierga-papoutsia-pou-tha-valis

It used to say ‘chevron’ due to coarser-heel. It is definitely heavier and eccentric than you wear normally, but worth it to replace with your high heels even once. The rock glam style with gold top, leather jacket and tight pants psilomeso is the perfect outfit.

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So called victorian vixen boots are in the climate of baroque style that has been discussed so. If exceptions piece of boot, we are quite familiar shoe style is the oxford shoes with a little heel. Dared them with the little black dress and a knitted black and white cardigan. Since it is a fairly eccentric shoe, it is preferable to choose a more ‘quiet’ outfit.

ta -pio-perierga-papoutsia-pou-tha-valis3

The boots in patent leather version and different colors is an option adopted mainly from quite a young age. As before, so here it is best to combine with total black or total denim for not risking many colors. In any case, it is very comfortable and suitable for snow and rain.

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Posted by bcolcom on January 11, 2015