These are the most female long sleeved dresses

The long sleeved dresses is the best friend of the girls (after diamonds of course) and accompany us in every season. I never have enough with so much variety of colors, fabrics, designs and lengths. And because winter is cold, time to take a look at what they have long sleeves are relatively close and highlight the most of our femininity. See the projects to be put on evening outings and especially suitable for the times we are experiencing.

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The small black long-sleeved dress with long sleeves is the piece Passepartout would have in your closet all winter. I wore it to work with opaque tights, boots or oxfords and a camel coat. If we talk about nights out, combined with black over the knee socks and heels sexy total black outfit.


You must obtain a long-sleeved dress in boho style because it has come to be timeless garment that will never get bored. So as you invest in a leather jacket, so you’ll want a dress (other than black) which have plans to be sleeved and you can combine with fedora hat, fur coat or vest and boots.


The mariniera a long-sleeved version is what I have for days you do not want to get dressed in earth or dark, looking a little more intensity and color. Combine with a gold metallic belt and a pair of white shoes.


When the baroque meets lace, then we have a long-sleeved dress that is perfect for a night out. Make mix and match with a delicate floral tights and ankle boots. The fringed necklace is stylish touch for more girly look.


How to let the outside in beautiful black leather sleeved dress has become one of our favorites in the last two years? Do more daily with ankle boots and coat or combined with beige faux fur and high heels in purple or dark green velvet.

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Posted by bcolcom on January 11, 2015