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The fashion seems unfair to Men in the number of articles in fashion magazines or new trends that come and are more limited in terms of men’s fashion . This is not true just because in every Fashion Week have a field day while not a few men fashion bloggers who acquire their own ‘voice’ through blogs and sites. Moreover, let us not forget that many of the garments of female wardrobe is borrowed from the male wardrobe.


The gray will not go out of fashion ever since, along with the black is the color as neutral, match everything sufficient to change the fabric. Grey woolen sweaters, coats and tweed jacket are some of the most winter items that will put a man .


The backpack is the tendency to choose Men and women because they are practical and spacious. Designers have the foresight and has made them more square and elegant that it is not the same as the school.


The tweed is the winter fabric not only wear grandparents as usual. The trousers are slim and striped while the coat is thicker. The good thing about tweed is that it can be worn as a set and alone.


We have said many times that the style has no age. If you feel that you can support a whole, then you are able to put it. Military pants, plaid shirt, sweater, coat with hood and stylish booties in oxford style.


Maybe to you is intimate dressing because you say and unisex. A woman can put just as comfortable a tight blue jeans, white sneakers sneakers and coat in purple pastel shade. In large cold, add the necessary accessories such as scarves, leather gloves and a wide hat.

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Fashion | January 29, 2015

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