Wear the most stylish dresses three quarters

The dresses three quarters are those that are farther away from the midi and a bit closer than the maxi. Usually reaching the height of the calf and is the epitome of comfort and elegance. The biggest plus is that it is a garment that can be worn and shorter women who can put the maxi dress. Also, this dress will highlight every shoe you choose and the tights are the most unique designs. See what you put this winter.

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One can not deny that the black dress can take many forms and therefore will always be on top of our preferences. The narrow line of makes chic booties while highlighting its length. You have numerous options for layering, including a 80s blazer with a color cardigan with geometric designs and coat or faux fur.

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Let us dwell briefly on the first lovely green base with pink flowers. It is a dress that you must have to bring spring into winter. The length does foresimo each woman while oxfords with thick heel in turns to absolute boho queen. Add a fedora hat and a fur vest and you’re ready.

vale -ta-pio-stilata-foremata-trion-tetarton

The cotton dresses are the only ones that are made for all occasions due to the simplicity of the fabric. Black is safe, but you can invest in other colors. If you’re not a fan of eccentricity, chose a dark color but interesting like purple, green, royal blue or gray.

vale -ta-pio-stilata-foremata-trion-tetarton2

This is the most elegant version of the dress because it is made of high quality fabric, has a narrow line at the top and wider bottom. The elegant pumps, ideal for office style and booties and ankle boots give a more casual style.

vale -ta-pio-stilata-foremata-trion-tetarton3

Topical and what you need for days when the cold is bitter. A dress in sweater and long length style keeps you warm while the red color transforms into femme fatale. The anima print booties fit perfectly.

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Posted by bcolcom on January 11, 2015