Winter gifts for wedding guests

We here in Greece, not usually do small gifts to guests except for the classic favors. But you can replace comfortable favors with something else, especially if you do a more closed marriage. Doing small gifts in guests shows you that they prefer more ‘warm’ and cozy weddings and that has provided and for friends and relatives. Take some indicative ideas about what you’re offering winter and, why not, to advertising the job of someone your friend.


It’s like you go to a shop with handmade homemade sweets and leave with a souvenir. Crackers, some chocolate and marsh mallows to accompany your afternoon coffee. Wrap with a tag that has the names of the couple and the wedding date.


Sometimes, it does not measure both the content wrapper that will impress everyone. If you give a little sweet, invested in the presentation of the gift and put a green ribbon with leaves from felt.


It is the ideal alternative Favors. Fill a large paper cone shape with cocoa, chocolate drops, marsh mallows and pink candies. Essentially, these are the ingredients of a wonderful drink for hot chocolate.


Now that we are in winter, a lot of people will appreciate a bottle of mulled wine and cinnamon wrapped in bottle. That way, you can promote the work of someone your own person but to offer a more practical gift.


We offer different varieties of coffee. There is more wintery gift than this? Let you know that it will be lost.


more expensive but perfect gift is to make thin sweater divided into male and female. In women write your name or ‘Bride’ and make the corresponding in men sweater. A gift that will stay with the passage of time.

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Posted by bcolcom on January 30, 2015