Fashion over 50 Diane Keaton loves belts

We all know the timeless androgynous style wonderful Diane Keaton. She loves cigarette pants, white shirts, ties, hats and generally all the ‘loans’ from the male wardrobe. There only remains there though. It can be elegant and rigorous style, but that does not mean we have not seen in a very casual look and more youthful than the actual age.
What intrigued us is the love that has zones each style. It is perhaps the stylistic fetish hardly separated. Happen to fit this year’s fashion wants women to highlight and make thinner waist with a wide belt, over shirts, vests, jackets and coats.

The total black outfit is a bit more special with a wide belt with buckle, and the leopard bracelets. Prefer a fairly baggy pants for 70s style, which covers any defects in the region and legs.

Only Diane Keaton could wear pants with skirt and looks so effortlessly stylish. The wide brown belt from above creates a very particular style, which is perfectly complemented by a polka dot scarf.

A girl (of any age) who is well aware of fashion and loves to mix and match, make such an impressive totals. You start with a simple midi skirt and a white shirt on and then transforms all the help: worn biker boots, a wonderful band and a hat.

The ‘evergreen’ actor said smart waist with a black patent leather belt, highlighting the mermaid skirt that flatter their body type.

On the cover of the magazine Elle, gave lessons in style with a gray coat worn comfortably as a dress, ‘shutting’ the one lepti- this time- zone. Alternatively, the opaque tights and booties can be skinny jeans with oxfords.

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Posted by bcolcom on November 8, 2014