Make shower party instead bachelor

You can do both if you want, but it’s probably cheaper to choose one and do you like it. All know the classic bachelor where, on the eve of the wedding, we go out with our friends for drinks, dancing and crazy fun. But there are brides who do not get excited about this fun way and prefer something more homely.
This is the wedding shower. You can organizations whenever you want before marriage, made at home, whoever you call friends and relatives want (always female), and they can bring you then the wedding gift. You can have a themed party analogue of your personality and organize a wonderful evening.
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Since this party on the day of your wedding, make a stand with photos of the couple and put a book wish list type so that guests can write wishes.
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Another idea is a similar style to put a jar with slips of paper asking you to write a tip -anonyma- have a happy relationship.
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You definitely need ice, but do not want to be boring and predictable. Supplied ice packs in smart shapes, such as those with diamonds.
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We love balloons and trademark to any party. To make the most unique and elegant, wrapped in white tulle, because the star of the evening is the bride.
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The buffet is one of the most important elements of the evening. Avoid heavy and difficult dishes and refine best desserts and finger food. Stay tuned for easy recipes, suitable for the event.
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Apart from the various sweets, be good to have a large central sweet style cake or cake. And of course, do-one that is dedicated solely to you, that the bride!

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Posted by bcolcom on November 8, 2014