5 ways to wear a mini plaid skirt

All of us love plaid. Offers in our appearance a lovely sophisticated mood. This style is perfect for the winter as beautifully combined with the cozy mood we have. See 5 ways to wear a mini plaid skirt with success.
First, you can wear your favorite mini plaid skirt with a knitted sweater with turtleneck. Wear high-heeled boots combined with thick tights. The outfit is wonderful to match bangs- the absolute winter hairstyle .

mini plaid skirt  1
Assign college style to your appearance wearing a thin sweater with your mini plaid skirt. Wear shoes preppy style with short socks ankle. With this outfit you can make beautiful walks in the city center or enjoy the company of your friends at your favorite coffee.
mini plaid skirt  2
Make original appearances wearing a plaid mini skirt with an animated shirt. The contrast that will result is stunning. Combine with your bikre boots, a pair of quirky glasses and many, stunning accessories. With this look is sure to pique the attention of others on you.
mini plaid skirt  3
I especially love the following combination of mini plaid skirt with white shirt. The black bow adorning the collar gives the appearance favorite in all our vintage mood. Leave your hair loose in a thoroughly disheveled hairstyle and choose distinctive makeup. With this outfit fit elegant shoes or winter booties.
mini plaid skirt  4
Finally, follow the excellent example of Olivia Palermo and wear the plaid mini skirt of your choice with knee high boots. This look is suitable for stylish day at the office. Straighten your hair and choose a bright lipstick in shades of red, purple or burgundy.
mini plaid skirt  5
Get ready for a stylish look throughout the winter, wearing a plaid mini skirt.

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Posted by bcolcom on January 3, 2015