Dare black bridal shoes

We know that thinking how strange it was to try to put black bridal shoes in your marriage. The most common choice is moving in shades of white. If you are more traditional bride, you had to taste the most classic colors. But if you belong to the undecided or want to try something more fashion forward, black is ultra chic, mainly because it achieves the black and white effect that fascinates us. See what the most beautiful options (tall and flat) and make the most striking difference.

tolmise- ta-mavra-nifika-papoutsia

Can a classic court shoe just to show through the bridal spirit , if it has satin bow wrapped around the ankle.

tolmise- ta-mavra-nifika-papoutsia5

Can you think best and most ideal fabric lace? As is the style you choose to put on dress, black lace should be as sexy and chic.

tolmise- ta-mavra-nifika-papoutsia2

Bet on a pair of high heel bridal shoes that is classic and has a golden lining. Even if the guests do not see it, you will know you and what counts.

tolmise- ta-mavra-nifika-papoutsia1

The flat version that we talked about is the bridal shoes that will be needed at the party after the Mystery. Elegant and ballet.

tolmise- ta-mavra-nifika-papoutsia4

We are talking about a very special project bridal shoes instead of normal heel has a crimson rose to match your bouquet but also gives the extra style points and will make everybody to look at … the legs.

tolmise- ta-mavra-nifika-papoutsia3

How to resist a pair of sexy heels made of suede fabric and has leather laces? This black and white is a wonderful mix and match classical elegance with sex appeal.

tolmise- ta-mavra-nifika-papoutsia6

It is although a black shoe for wedding but what stands out most is the sparkle around the top of the bridal shoes . The transparency makes it more sexy and probably will make revisions to white classic choice.

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Posted by bcolcom on January 11, 2015