How will you wear the velvet jacket

Along with corduroy, the velvet is the winter of fabric and you must have at least one garment. I’ll upgrade stylistic and I’ll give enough warmth, especially indoors. The first thing we thought when we heard about the trend of Plush , is gorgeous blazers. There is no color that does not suit jacket and we’re here to show you all the possible ways of combining.

pos- tha-valis-veloudino-sakaki

This is the number one choice you make in velvet jacket . The purple color that tends to aubergine not as ‘hard’ color as might think they may be combined in many ways. If you want something chic, put the pencil skirt with white or blue shirt and a pair of pointy shoes.

pos- tha-valis-veloudino-sakaki1

The dark green is a very safe choice because it is very reminiscent of the gray and black. Make the most college preppy style with a beige woolen dress, slim leather belt, white shirt inside to look the collar and sleeves and of course your most stylish oxfords.

pos- tha-valis-veloudino-sakaki2

This is the younger version and you can do clever mix and match. Put your jeans worn with a gray boyfriend t-shirt and an impressive rock necklace. The crimson velvet jacket set go with your red lipstick. For casual style, choose beige sneakers or brogues.

pos- tha-valis-veloudino-sakaki3

One way of dressing that all women should do at least once in our lives. Black crop pants with white shirt, silver pointy heels, bow tie and a dazzling green jacket. Instead of classic bow tie, you can put a bow from ribbon away.

pos- tha-valis-veloudino-sakaki4

The set is in fashion again and we could not think of a better combination of the skirt with jacket in dark green color velvet fabric . All you will need is a white shirt, thin tights and a beautiful black fedora hat.

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Posted by bcolcom on January 30, 2015